Trust and Consequences

May 19, 2015

Reading time ~1 minute

Trust is absolutely essential for human survival. Until we feel we can rely on the person the the left of us, and the person to the right of us, we can't really achieve anything great.

The reason trust is important is because when we’re surrounded by people who believe what we believe, we’re more confident to take risks. We’re more confident to experiment, which requires failure by the way, we’re more confident to go off and explore knowing that there is someone from within our community, someone who believes what we believe, someone we trust and who trusts us who will watch our back, help us when we fall over and watch our stuff and look after our children while we’re gone.

When we feel safe trust will emerge. This is what the foundations of leadership really are. The reason we call someone leader is because they choose to go first. They choose to extend trust first, even before there are any signs they should. The willingness to express empathy before anyone else.

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