Where in the world is Casey?

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Speaking at Your Event

I'd love to, thanks! :D

See my schedule below for existing commitments. If you'd like me to speak feel free to reach out to me on twitter or the medium of your preference. My speaker bio and headshot are here. Let's do great work together!

Upcoming in 2016

February 1: Open Cloud Symposium at Linux Conf Australia

Talk: The Twelve-Factor Container

February 2: DevOps Sydney Meetup

Talk: How Platforms Work

February 4: TBD in Canberra

February 11: Pittsburgh Cloud Natives Meetup

Talk: Minimum Viable Platform

February 15: TBD in Boston, MA

February 17: Columbus Cloud Foundry Meetup

Talk: Working with Cloud Foundry

February 25: TBD in Kansas City, KS

March 1: TBD in Buffalo, NY

March 7-10: TBD in Australia and/or New Zealand

Hosting a meetup? Want a speaker? Contact me!

March 16: TBD in Portland, OR

March 17: Seattle Cloud Foundry Meetup

Talk: How Do Platforms Work?

April 10-13: Software Architecture Conference New York, NY

May 16-19: OSCON

Talk: Redefining Culture Fit

Talk: The Twelve-Factor Container

May 24-25: CF Summit Santa Clara, CA

August 18-20 abstractions.io

Talk: TBD

Past in 2016

January 5-8: CodeMash

Talk: How Platforms Work (slides, video)