Farewell YAPC::Asia

August 30, 2015

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I was honored to speak at YAPC::Asia 2015 in August. It was a well-organized conference, and the attendees and speakers were all friendly and fun.

Most of the talks I went to were English-language based. I saw excellent talks on kubernetes, docker, refactoring, golang, and lattice. Fellow Pittsburgh engineer Marylou Lenhart also spoke at the conference about posture for engineers, and I'll be trying to do my cat/cow stretches regularly.

My talk was about working remotely and working on distributed teams. It was based on my writing on durable communication. I got a lot of excellent questions after my talk and at the official dinner, and the feedback was quite positive. My slides are online and the organizing team has already posted the video:

Since I was speaking in English the conference provided live translation into Japense. It was an incredible experience. I felt like a diplomat, especially during Q&A when questions in Japanese were translated into English so I could understand them. The translators were wonderful and I'm very thankful they were available.

Finally, thank you to Daisuke Maki for inviting me to speak this year!

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