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Thanks for stopping by. This site is my1 attempt to have voice beyond 140 character limits, square photographs, and endorsements for emoticons. It's my way to discuss ideas and creativity. Lets see how it goes, shall we?


— Casey

Professional Biography

Working in Internet infrastructure, web app security, and design taught Casey to be a paranoid, UX-oriented, problem solving Internet plumber; his earliest contributions to Perl live to this day on your Mac. Casey’s speaking and writing ranges from open source communities and culture to technical architecture and automation tips and tricks. Casey West wears the mantle of Principal Technologist focused on Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry Platform and lives in Pittsburgh raising three sarcastic children.


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  1. It should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. This site and all its contents are owned by me, Casey West, and are my opinions alone. My opinions are not the opinions of any other individuals or organizations associated with me in any way, personally or professionally.